Is the US Government Corrupt?

Is the US Government Corrupt?

The US government is riddled with corruption and there is quite a lot of going around which can be quite annoying for people when they are trying to run against them. The general public are also quite annoyed with these sort of developments which can really ruin their trust of the government and not even be happy with those who are in office. This is something which really be needs to be sorted out.

However, things can take a nasty turn if disputes are not resolved and it can be annoying for the public and it can really stir up a culture of distrust in the public. There have been many claims of corruption in the past, particularly in the clinton era. However, it was never proven that there was any serious corruption. However, it can be arduous to try and disprove or prove these claims. There has also been allegations of special favours being given by the US government to the UK government and vice versa. This was particularly evident during the Bush and Blair regime, where both leaders shared a particularly close relationship. This was deemed to be a good thing at the time, although it can be annoying when the leaders are in such close cahoots and can always ostracise the people on the outside and can ensure that peace is not always abundant.

This manifested itself to be something quite raw in the Iraq war where things really did get nasty. There were many allegations of corruption as people did not really understand the reasons for going to war. Although the US government and many other reliable sources claimed it was because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and were intending to use them for some bad purposes. This was never actually proven to be true and in the end people began to question whether it was to do with oil or some sort of other purpose which was not documented. It seems likely that it was to do with oil and Tony Blair, the UK leader at the time, was certainly a shifty character during this time period. Essentially, it was devious what happened at this point and it can be disheartening to see politicians not being honest.

Perhaps corruption is likely to occur in the realms of many people’s lives, it just seems to happen a lot in the US government where some sort of event is always going on. This is something that can be quite ridiculous as politicians should be quite honest with their general public and not try to let them down. This is not a good thing as it can stir up some distrust in the US government which is not entirely justified as there is some honesty there. It seems that Barack Obama is a fairly good president who can always empathise with the people and make it more plausible that people can enjoy the government and can see that there is no corruption currently, although there may be some in the future.

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